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Here I present some simple ideas for laboratory work.

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I present here a low cost stepper motor controller. This circuit has been already performed in NILES in 1998. This was the first circuit I design for scientific purpose. I needed this circuit to drive the stepper motor of an old traditional monochromator used to be controlled manually.


The idea relays on the circuit design of the Knight Rider's (KITT) light system. Actually this was the start, where, when I designed this circuit for the first time it was for fun, then my supervisor of my Master thesis (Dr. G Abdelfattah-NILES) suggested me to function it in this purpose.


The only difference between the light system and the stepper motors is the need of TRIAC or relay at the output to withstand the high load.

Sequencer circuit can be found under this link (new)






Arial and Fiber Optics communication

This is a small simple setup I have build for students in NILES to demonstrate the data transfer in fiber optics and through air.


All what you need:

  1. Laser diode (lecturer pointer) as a transmitter

  2. Photo-transistor as a receiver

  3. Encoder with amplifier (Circuit design Soon)

  4. Decoder with amplifier  (Circuit design Soon)

  5. Sound player as data source

  6. Speakers

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Circuits come later





Contact Angle Measuring Instrument

 (Advanced, simple and cheap )

This is a simple contact angle measurement system I designed in INE-FZK during my PhD work. It uses an already exists optical microscope equipped with CCD camera. 


 If you have simple microscope, then all what you need is some mechanics 3D translational degrees of freedom and a stand keeps to hold the microscope horizontally (45° mirror ) to look at the surface horizontally.


Usually the software provided with any type of CCD camera will be enough to do the job. The CCD camera can be calibrated to get extra information (e.g. drop size)



A short manual describes the principals of the technique in general and our INE system particularly (including the information which can be extracted from the contact angle) can be download here.




Photomultiplier Detector

Build your own Photomultiplier your self. Safe money, safe time and don't get nervous if broken.


Details come later





Piezo Detector

The fastest and cheapest way to detect Pulsed Laser. Replace your 2500€ detector by a 2.5€ detector. Don't cry if an unintentional Laser pulse destroyed the transducer. Just through it away and use a new one coasts 2€ again .


All what you need is to buy a bother alarm based on Piezoelectric Effect, usually used in PCs. Disconnect the internal circuit and connect the Piezo directly or through a suitable amplifier to your oscilloscope. That’s all.







Do you suffer backfire and multiple triggering in your data acquisition system or whatever system? Are you unlucky and bought a nasty card or controller which produces noise and reflects signals to the surrounding electronics?


No doubt that you know that an electro-optocoupler is your emergency, if you are expert in experimental techniques. Did you try to order a commercial electro optical coupler? have you been shocked when you heard the price? Here we are... 


Let us build our very simple very efficient electro optic coupler. Let us buy the required electronic components:
Optocoupler IC ~ 1.30€
Inverter ~ 0.20€
Capacitor ~ 0.18€
2X resistances < 0.01€ X2
2X BNCs (for one channel in and out) < 0.54€ X2
Total cost < 3€


Move the mouse on the drawing at the right to see the circuit design.

Move the mouse over the drawing to see the circuit design





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